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Good, bad, I'm the guy with the gun.

Very uneventful evening, uneventful day thus far. I changed my Theoden icon though. Mmm Aragorn. Mmm quote from Army of Darkness.

As I started my Elrond/Glorfindel fic, I noticed that there's a small problem. Stupid Glorfindel. I can't decide if he should be the same one as the Glorfindel who died killing a Balrog in the First Age(?) and then came back during the Second Age or if this is just some other Elf named Glorfindel because all Glorfindel means is 'golden-haired' although if his hair is gold that means he has Vanyarin blood so....Curses! Why oh why does Tolkien make everything so difficult? :[

Meh, I guess it doesn't really matter...either way, that first Glorfindel died and still would have had to be reborn to come back, so...*sigh* You know, there was a time when I told myself I would never write fan fics that required research OR footnotes....maybe I can still avoid doing that. >]

I also want to write a fic about Elrond and his sons because their relationship is so underdeveloped. That and the strain of Arwen obviously being the favorite child. *kicks Arwen*

Whee! I need a life.
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