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LOTR is eating my brain and that's fine with me...

So, I meant to write Elrond/Glorfindel and instead I find myself writing Celeborn/Galadriel...or Galadriel/Celeborn...whatever it is. It's obviously not slash (unless Galadriel's not telling us something) it's more just a happy, sweet fic. Besides, sometimes a straight couple can be cute. And I think gloomy old Celeborn is adorable. I think it's adorable that he's so whipped by Galadriel. <3

(And personally, I think pairing Celeborn with the husband of his daughter is just gross. Slash for the sake of slash makes me sad.)

And I will write Elrond/Glorfindel then the long fic about the E-twins. For some reason Elrond's sons and his in-laws and Elrond himself intrigue me.


I don't care about Arwen at all. *does the dance of Arwen-Loathing*

I give up on the slash contest.

I like slash in small doses or large doses if it'll be well-written or to any extent depthful, but I must admit I'd rather read/write a story with a good plot and great characters.

And since Jag's writing her weirdness which I want to read, I might get screencaps anyway. >]

I really don't want to got to class....
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