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I haven't gone to the Cliffs of Mohr yet. Mostly because I'm slightly hungover from last night. So here goes:

I went to see that 'Gangs of New York' movie. *shudder* Parts of it were good like Bill the Butcher and this random minor character named Hellcat Maggie. :] But the violence really just made me feel ill...I was pretty much crying by the end because it had been so horrific and none of it had meant anything.

Anyway, after walking home feeling really emotionally out of it, I pasted Colleen and quite a few other people going out to drink. They invited me, I accepted. Getting drunk sounded good.

We went to the Red Square Bar and I got a shot of apple schnapps because one of the girls bought it for me. It was nice, the music was lousy but the company was entertaining. I talked with the Collin/Coleman guy during most of it. He's so cute. :]

Anyway, then we went to this nightclub called Boo Radley's. I pretty much would have had a better time had I been drunk. Unfortunately, I was fairly sober...which made dancing a painful ordeal. I did it though, didn't get much of a choice. The girls were pretty insistent that I join in the 'fun.'

But I'm not meant for nightclubs. I don't get asked to dance, I don't enjoy dancing. I prefer to sit in dark little corners but that's usually when guys come and talk to me so they can get with the girls I'm with or so they can have so some of intellectual conversation. Which can be nice.

I needed to be drunk though, that's the only way you can enjoy this type of activity. So, I let Julie buy me this weird shot that tasted kind of like cinnamon...and something else. Anyway, after the shot of that red whatever, I was drunk.

Which of course is when the nightclub closed. I walked back with Emily who was worried about Colleen who despite having a boyfriend, hooked up with an Irish guy.

So I got back, and spent the next hour talking to Colleen's Irish guy, Thomas and Julie's Irish guy, Darrey. Thomas is going to New Zealand in 2 weeks so he talked about that and Darrey is eventually going to Italy for the year so he talked about that.

But watching them make-out with the other two girls whilst watching 'Monsters Inc.' did not appeal to drunken me, so I decided to go to bed.

At which point, Thomas hugs me and give me a kiss on the cheek.


So I wonder off in a confused drunken state, curl up in bed and have weird surreal dreams about what it would be like to wake up the next day that play out over and over again in my mind.


So I woke up feeling extremely in need of water and with a headache.

Colleen had slept on the couch and Thomas slept on the other couch. He headed out to go on with his life, I suppose. Don't think we'll be seeing him again. Colleen is kinda worried about her boyfriend finding out.

And I have discovered to my absolute horror that the drink I had last night was something called yeager...and it might have been mostly deer blood.

Oh why, oh why? Why did I drink that? *sigh*

I bought the T.A.T.U. CD, the extended version of FotR and a memory card for my camera (which can now take 257 pictures), so that's happy.

Ugh...so anyway, here I am back at my computer in the lab, typing this entry. I'll be here for a bit.


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