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I'm this close to just buying myself an LJ. I'm this close to writing an angry letter to every member of my family asking why the hell it is that their daughter/sister can spend a MONTH in another country and not recieve one letter. Not even a freaking postcard.

I mean...for crying outloud. I've sent like three letters to everyone in my family. My father never returns half of my calls.

I'm so lonely...I hate saying it, I hate that I might get some sort of pity comment, that's not the point. I don't think having a paid LJ would help...or even a letter at this point. Though I wouldn't object to my mother actually writing me...

Hell, if someone sent me their toenail clippings, I'd be beside myself with glee.

Heh. If that's not sad, I don't know what is.

It's already a lonely 4 weeks...and now it's February...the month I dread. and I have no one at all. It helps that it's pretty here, but...a heck of a lot of good it does me to be somewhere beautiful and to feel this much self-loathing.

So I'll travel, I guess. I need to book that flight to London for March. I'll go see 'Treasure Planet' for Valentine's Day. And eat lots of chocolate and write lots of hate mail to my family.

And I'll try not to bother anyone with much more of these sort of lamentations, but if I do, it's really because it's February. I can't explain much of it. Obviously it stems from Valentine's Day, but Valentine's Day is only the beginning. I remain convinced that there is something evil about this month...seriously.
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