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Okay, first I've updated my icons page. I ended up adding a section of tATu icons...^^;; and I added a few more LOTR icons. I think I'll probably use that page as my webpage since the other can't be updated until I go home in May.

I also wrote a sequel to that first Grima POV fic.

I got a letter from Karen, so I wrote her back. It's so nice that she's been sending me letters. I really appreciate her doing it.

Yup, I actually did some things today. I guess in some small way I was slightly productive. I'm still sitting here in the computer lab though I might go soon...so have nothing to do though.

I need to also change the icons I have...and maybe the layout of this page though considering I can't host an image, it won't do me much good....maybe Jag can host it...

What's your TTT slash pairing?

What's your FOTR slash pairing?

Really didn't expect these results. :]
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